Friday, January 18, 2013



Pat has had Crohn's disease since 1997.  When finally diagnosed he ended up with surgery to remove a large mass that had twisted up his lower and upper GI.  The surgery took 18 inches of his lower and upper colon and also they removed the valve between the stomach and intestines.  So basically Pat had no control over when he needed to go to the bathroom.  Usually after every meal... he would be in the bathroom within 5 minutes of eating, because of the type of Crohn's he has and because of no valve.  Now after being on the Vital and It's Regular, he also takes Confianza, he has more control, does not have the diarrhea his BM is more solid.  When Pat had his two year colonoscopy, the Dr was amazed at how well his colon looked and there was no polyps needing to be removed.  The first ever on that.  The Dr couldn't say enough about how well Pat looked and how well his colon looked and told us to keep up whatever it was we were doing.  He hasn’t had a flair up since he started taking the It’s Regular in July. There are also many different types of Crohn's disease, everyone is different.  Pat's type includes a flesh disease as well and has to be very careful what he applies to his skin or it causes sores that are very hard to heal.  With Crohn's your immune system is down and you are very likely to catch whatever is out there.  The reason Pat can't take the Greens is because it contains sage and he is very allergic to that herb.  Pat is so excited to be able to be regular and have a clean bill of health, so is his Dr. So people should check with their Dr about our products if they do not fully understand their disease and know what they can and can not take. 


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